Returning to work after children, is it just about the money?

What the evidence tells us

Work is the primary source of income for most people,and,  for some,work is just about the money. This is not only natural but ok.  Did you also know, work is generally good for you? Yes, it helps you meet your basic needs of food, shelter and warmth. It does much, much more than that  according to some recent research.  If your are thinking about returning to work after having a child, you might be interested in an independent review by the Department of Work and Pension. The report revealed two interesting facts to help us think about the broader benefits of work:

  • work is central to identity, social roles as well as  social status;
  • your economic status is also linked to physical and mental health and  life expectancy

But there is a caveat, the quality of work is crucial. The  job has to be in a safe environment  and you need to have accommodating boss, for work to be good for you.

If you want to read a bit more about the research, you can find a short overview  here.  If you want to read the whole report press on this link here.

Do you have any personal success stories and experiences that you would like to share about returning to work, you can do so in ‘share your story section’.

Where can you find help about getting into work


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