Birds Eye View Film Festival – showcasing women film makers


What is it?

The Birds Eye View Film Festival is a thought proving event held in London that showcases and celebrates  women from  around the word as film makers. This inspiring festival shines an amazing  spotlight on female talent. The event will run for six days from 8th -13th of April 2014. This year the festival, in its 10th anniversary and, will be:

‘celebrating women with wildness in their hearts and stories in their souls.’

Why was it set up?

The event was set up ten years ago when founder Rachel Millward was shocked when she saw that 92% of films on general realise were directed by men.

Why is it relevant to working women?

This event also has practical relevance for women working  in film or, aspiring  film makers. There are  a range of year long development programmes. These include:

• ‘Filmonomics’ that brings together the business end of film making with directors in a range  of speaker and networking events.
• Other opportunities are through  workshop such as ‘watch and learn’ events
• As well and bespoke events under the banner of ‘festival delegates’

Where can you find out more?

You can go direct to the Birds Eye View Film Festival  website where you can find full details about the event, including how to get tickets to see the films, the training labs and the other events. You can also look at the Bristsh Film Institute   website that provides the times and dates of films. Also check out there Facebook page of to see what topics are trending.



How do you create lasting change?

Top Tips for change

Gabby Bernstein reveals her top tips on how to create lasting change in your life. Gabby is a New York Times Best-Selling Author.

She is been on CNN, Oprah a speaker at Google and TedX Women. Gabby comes from a spiritual background and for those who are not into that way of seeing things don’t worry, there are some really practical stuff. Below are the three things she recommends. She has even used her approach to give up coffee. We all know how hard this is!!

-Make sure you really want it

-Ensure the goal ignites a positive feeling within you

-Be willing to maintain that desire for the goal every day

There is also a bit at the end about forgiveness so that you can create change based on strong  foundations that are cleared and ready for new ways, a  new life.


We are all human




Sometimes things go wrong

Yes, I know, I know, we looked at Marie Forleo last week. Bear with me  on this one- she shares some great insight on something that I think we all do: Beat ourselves up when we do something wrong.

We are human after all, although I know that there are some super moms out there. We all know that sometimes we make a mistakes, especially under pressure. Marie shares excellent tips on how to stop making avoidable mistakes and, what do to do when actually do make a mistake.

Enjoy this one – I know I did!