Work that makes you happy – your motivator


What is the video about

In this entertaining and warm talk we, have Daniel pink the renowned author on trends in the workplace. In this video, Daniel shares the science behind workplace motivation.  Behind his charm is a serious message.  Science proves a well known truth:  Doing work you like makes you motivated. He says there is a miss match behind what science knows and what business does. The wikapedia example he uses is pretty interesting.

How is it different

What Daniel tell us is,  in a knowledge based job, higher financial incentives doe not lead to higher motivation.  Money helps of course. But, more money after the point your needs are met, wont drive you. His work leads him to conclude that you are going to have to look for something else to push you to innovate, to think differently .


How will it help

Once your money needs are met, if innovation and thinking are crucial to your job outputs, look for internal incentives . So, for those thinking of there current or next move, be it a project, job or industry, there as some things to think about:

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose

Enjoy this one – invest in being happy at work, it pays.


Being happy makes you more productive

What is this video about

This is an interesting talk about productivity. Yes this is possible, this isn’t a boring talk about time management or your email inbox. This is about  a call to action to move beyond the average, to be happy. Shawn tells us that in order to be more productive we must become happier.  He cites research that 75% of job success can be predicted by happiness levels.

Why is this video different

Shawn debunks the idea that you work to be happy. He turns it on its head and says that for work to work – you need to be happy first. Your brain at positive means that you can improve business outcomes across the board – harder, faster and more intelligently.

How can it help me

Shawn tells us that your happiness is not determined by your external world but 90% by you internal world.  How your brain processess information. In the video we learn small practical steps you can add to your day to make you happier.  Some of the examples he includes is a gratitude journal, working out, mediation and acts of kindness.

Enjoy -and go be happy!