5 reasons why I love the biggest loser USA


I hope you enjoyed that, it was a clip from one of my favorite contestants- Danni. Danni won the biggest loser USA in season 14.

I know the program is controversial. There are press reports around drastic weight practices.

Regardless how you might feel about the weight loss approach, at the broadest level I see the programme as a vivid example of transformational change.

I think it highlights five key elements of any successful transformation:


  1. Acknowledging that something needs to change


  1. Making an internal decision to behave differently


  1. Making a commitment to take action


  1. Learning to deal with setbacks and maintain momentum


  1. Develop a system to sustain change long-term


What are your thoughts and, how do you big change successfully? Leave me a  comments bellow…

Back with a glow- reflections on Italy

As we head into the stunning Autumn season, I have a glow. I’m just back from Italy.  I had tour around some of Italy’s stunning food and wine regions. I went through Bologna, Siena, Parma, Montalcino and back to Bologna. I’m looking forward to this beautiful season, as the leaves turn there Autumnal colours. Autumn is also significant, as it signals that the last few months of the calendar year are upon us. How many of my 2015 goals have I achieved?  How are you getting on? Let me know in the comments box bleow. Enjoy the pics!


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Centred Leadership

This is a great video on  how remarkable women lead from Joanna Barsh. I found this clip and the whole body of work very inspiring. I believe leadership happens at all levels- this video is relevant to you wherever you are in your career.

I came across this video through the work of Sheryl Sandberg the founder of the lean in movement. I’ve talked lot about lean in,  in previous posts and, have run a lean in circle myself. I’m an advocate.

Once you have a look at this overview video, I highly recommend that you take the time to look at the whole series  – there are 7 videos: http://leanin.org/education/.

If you’re not already joined up to a circle this might be a great time to join.


Remembering- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


What is ist?

This book is classic and sets out what the author, Stephen Covey, sees as the basis of successes. In the book he will walk you step by step through his 7 habits of effectiveness.

How is this different?

As I mentioned, this is a classic. and was first published in 1989. This is one of the books that has effectively stood the test time. I can honestly say that, because I have been listening to it on audiobook recently. I have picked up some real gems, ideas and strategies that I can use now, in my day day life. I love the section on prioritising based on values for example.

How can it help?

As we go into autumn and have more nights in, this book is perfect.

This is a book with a lot of depth and scope and I find the the holistic approach in tune with my modern life. This isn’t just about the c suit, but about your family life, your well-being and your sprit, alongside your job. The seven habits are:

1-Be Proactive

2 – Begin with the End in Mind

3 – Put First Things First

4 – Think Win-Win

5 – Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

6 – Synergize

7-Sharpen the Saw

I would suggest reading this with a a friend would be helpful so you can discuss ideas and tips -its pretty meaty and this will help with working through all the info.

How to Be Productive – Top Tips from Marie Forelo

What is it?
I am looking at the theme of productivity with this post. Marie Forelo shares her own strategies on achieving your best every day.

How is this different?
Marie is engaging and delivers this video with panache! Marie also references other great self development gurus, so this clip is  a great source of info. She also looks at well-being and not just about doing more.

How can it help?

The top tips in the video are really simple and easy to add into your day to day:

  • think of time as your friend
  • create your own morning routine to set you up for the day
  • work out
  • prioritise and stick to it



Get Walking – Get Productive

photophoto 2 (9)photo 3 (7)


75 days ago, I set a 60 day challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day to boost my happiness levels and wellbeing and in turn improve outcomes at work.  The photos above are from my daily walks. I fit them in wherever I can – which is really great.

How is this different

I wanted to test the theories in the the Ted talks and see for myself and report back, rather than just curate what others have said. I wanted to answer the question, does being healthier really make a big difference at work.

How can it help

Well as you know this challenge was originally 60 days and I extended it to 90 days because I was so pleased with the impact. So what have been the benefits at work:

  • Greater levels of focus – helps with doing complex taks
  • Deeper sleep – great for early start sand getting more done in the day
  • Great way to mange change – in a work environment which has lots of change walking keeps me in a constructive mood.

Plus there are loads of other benefits:

  • its free-enough said on that one
  • its social – at the weekend I go on walks with my partner – its a fun way to catch up
  • its thinking time – its great to get out and think through things in a fresh way, a lot like Nilofer’s talk I highlighted in the last post but one.

Let me know how your doing. Not long till the 90 days are up!

Got a meeting, take a walk

Nilofer’s talk is about our sedentarily lifestyle. She reminds us that on average people are sitting 9 hours a day – this can have a negative impact on our health.

Why is different

This video is different in there ways.  First Nilofer doesn’t dwell on the negative. Second, she  gets to the point in 3.5 minutes (refreshingly short!). Finally, she asks us to challenge the choice between taking care of our health or, taking care of our obligations.

How it can help

Nilofer provides us  with an elegant solution that combines well-being and work: Got a meeting, take a walk. The benefits she has experinced are:

  • Getting out of the box (the office)- leads to getting out of the box thinking
  • Walking and talk – is  doable, sustainable and viable
  • Walk the talk – fresh air drives fresh thinking among people at the walk and talk meeting


Hope your 90 day step challenge is going well. Next posts I’ll update you on my progress! Happy walking and talking!