How science can make us happier and healthier


What is this video about

In this video, Kelly McDonald looks at stress and drills down into how we might approach it in a more productive way. Kelly  is a Health Psychologist. She is from a academic background but she is vey much interested In how science can help us improve our lives in a practical way.  As she says  in the video, she is interested in, ‘how  science can make us happier and healthier’

Why is this video different

Kelly presents some interesting evidence.  She talks us through  studies that show  two groups with the same amount  of stress. One group  felt that stress was having a detrimental effect on them and another group did not. It is only the ones who felt that stress was ‘bad’ who had a shorter lifespan. The take home point from the study is, that the difference that makes the difference,  is the belief about stress, the ’internal game’, rather than stress itself has an impact.

That was enough there for me in terms of new ideas.  But Kelly goes on to tell us that under stress you release Oxytocin which urges you to seek support and love from others around you,   as well urges you to give support to others. Oxytocin also protects the body from the effects  stress. So not only is your body protected but you develop more courage and connection which, further supports your resilience.

How can it help me

Stress is a feature of everyday life. Exposure to large amounts on a regular basis is not seen as a  good thing. But avoiding stress altogether is quite hard. This video helps you think about stress in a much more productive way.  Which,  according to Kelly can help you lead a a happier and healthier life.



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