5 reasons why I love the biggest loser USA


I hope you enjoyed that, it was a clip from one of my favorite contestants- Danni. Danni won the biggest loser USA in season 14.

I know the program is controversial. There are press reports around drastic weight practices.

Regardless how you might feel about the weight loss approach, at the broadest level I see the programme as a vivid example of transformational change.

I think it highlights five key elements of any successful transformation:


  1. Acknowledging that something needs to change


  1. Making an internal decision to behave differently


  1. Making a commitment to take action


  1. Learning to deal with setbacks and maintain momentum


  1. Develop a system to sustain change long-term


What are your thoughts and, how do you big change successfully? Leave me a  comments bellow…


The art of being yourself


This is a wonderful video about self identity and authentic self expression, by Caroline McHugh.  The topic is discussed through a well crafted framework in a form of a story. A story told by the side of the fire on a winters night. I don’t think I  can do this video justice through  my description – it just has to be experienced.

Caroline will inspire you!




How to streamline your wardrobe and  boost your productivity this Autumn

Productivty this autumn PNG


What is this about?

Under this months productivity banner, I want to introduce you to Jess Lively. Jess   has an amazing blog about ‘living with intention’. She has a specific post called ‘makeunder my wardrobe’- a step by step guide to achieving the style you’ve always dreamed of . Why is this post under the productivity theme? Well, the reason is simple. I find that by streamlining my wardrobe and being happy with every piece in there, it cuts down on my prep time by half. My productivity is boosted!


How is this different?

Jess talks from the heart and her own lived experience. Not one bit of talking down to you. This is really refreshing for a style post.


How it can help?

As Jess has gone through this process herself, she has developed a really down to earth’s process. In four fabulous steps you can get the your best ever wardrobe yet. Jess talks you through getting a style that reflects the true you, by helping you to:


  • Create a vision
  • Exfoliate your stuff
  • Identify intensions
  • Reflect and evolve

Check her blog out here.


Remembering- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


What is ist?

This book is classic and sets out what the author, Stephen Covey, sees as the basis of successes. In the book he will walk you step by step through his 7 habits of effectiveness.

How is this different?

As I mentioned, this is a classic. and was first published in 1989. This is one of the books that has effectively stood the test time. I can honestly say that, because I have been listening to it on audiobook recently. I have picked up some real gems, ideas and strategies that I can use now, in my day day life. I love the section on prioritising based on values for example.

How can it help?

As we go into autumn and have more nights in, this book is perfect.

This is a book with a lot of depth and scope and I find the the holistic approach in tune with my modern life. This isn’t just about the c suit, but about your family life, your well-being and your sprit, alongside your job. The seven habits are:

1-Be Proactive

2 – Begin with the End in Mind

3 – Put First Things First

4 – Think Win-Win

5 – Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

6 – Synergize

7-Sharpen the Saw

I would suggest reading this with a a friend would be helpful so you can discuss ideas and tips -its pretty meaty and this will help with working through all the info.

The secret of success – get enough sleep


What is this video about

This week I continue  the link between well-being and productivity in the workplace.  I’m highlighting an entertaining talk by Arianna Huffington about sleeping to the top: the secret of success is get enough shut eye.

How is this different

This video is also different as its one of the shortest Ted talks I have seen – its 4 minutes and 42 seconds long. Arianna also  ask us to challenge our perception of sleep deprivation as a sign of success.

How can it help

Underlining  this light hearted talk is a serious message. To have enough time to sleep and rest is important. If we have time for rest this is an indicator that we have time to connect with our inner greatness.

Enjoy this one – practicing will be fun!

P.S In relation to my # 60 Day 10,000 Step Challenge check out my twitter updates at ViEtAnimoTweets – I have pictures.


Being happy makes you more productive

What is this video about

This is an interesting talk about productivity. Yes this is possible, this isn’t a boring talk about time management or your email inbox. This is about  a call to action to move beyond the average, to be happy. Shawn tells us that in order to be more productive we must become happier.  He cites research that 75% of job success can be predicted by happiness levels.

Why is this video different

Shawn debunks the idea that you work to be happy. He turns it on its head and says that for work to work – you need to be happy first. Your brain at positive means that you can improve business outcomes across the board – harder, faster and more intelligently.

How can it help me

Shawn tells us that your happiness is not determined by your external world but 90% by you internal world.  How your brain processess information. In the video we learn small practical steps you can add to your day to make you happier.  Some of the examples he includes is a gratitude journal, working out, mediation and acts of kindness.

Enjoy -and go be happy!

Are you thinking abut designing your life – then don’t forget about the space around you

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Yes, an unusual name for a site but you won’t be disappointed. This is a stunning blog with great tips on design.  In fact, this is more than a blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere  celebrates the little things in life that make a difference. Check it out and enjoy. Plus have a look at the ‘ask Emily tips’ – they are little gems.