Spend on your colleagues to be more productive

So you have been boosting your wellbeing at work, you are more productive and now you’ve been promoted. So what do you do with the extra cash? This talk may have the answer. Michael’s research show a clear link between spending money on others and increasing your happiness. This was found to be true in both wealthy and less well off countries. The amount is not significant, the link is still there if its a small or big spend.

Why it is different

Michael challenges the notion that money can’t bye you happiness. He suggest that money can make you happy – if you spend it right. It is an interesting look at  a new concept of pro social spending.

How it can help

Pro social teams are more productive according to Micahel. Teams that spend money on each other (rather themselves) are more productive and dominate there sector.  Also spending on others  like family, friends and your community will make you happier. He suggest a great website to sponsor resources in schools, check out http://www.donorschoose.org/.  Its an online charity that provides a platform to donate directly to projects at public schools.

Happy (social) spending.


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