Got a meeting, take a walk

Nilofer’s talk is about our sedentarily lifestyle. She reminds us that on average people are sitting 9 hours a day – this can have a negative impact on our health.

Why is different

This video is different in there ways.  First Nilofer doesn’t dwell on the negative. Second, she  gets to the point in 3.5 minutes (refreshingly short!). Finally, she asks us to challenge the choice between taking care of our health or, taking care of our obligations.

How it can help

Nilofer provides us  with an elegant solution that combines well-being and work: Got a meeting, take a walk. The benefits she has experinced are:

  • Getting out of the box (the office)- leads to getting out of the box thinking
  • Walking and talk – is  doable, sustainable and viable
  • Walk the talk – fresh air drives fresh thinking among people at the walk and talk meeting


Hope your 90 day step challenge is going well. Next posts I’ll update you on my progress! Happy walking and talking!


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