Get Walking – Get Productive

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75 days ago, I set a 60 day challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day to boost my happiness levels and wellbeing and in turn improve outcomes at work.  The photos above are from my daily walks. I fit them in wherever I can – which is really great.

How is this different

I wanted to test the theories in the the Ted talks and see for myself and report back, rather than just curate what others have said. I wanted to answer the question, does being healthier really make a big difference at work.

How can it help

Well as you know this challenge was originally 60 days and I extended it to 90 days because I was so pleased with the impact. So what have been the benefits at work:

  • Greater levels of focus – helps with doing complex taks
  • Deeper sleep – great for early start sand getting more done in the day
  • Great way to mange change – in a work environment which has lots of change walking keeps me in a constructive mood.

Plus there are loads of other benefits:

  • its free-enough said on that one
  • its social – at the weekend I go on walks with my partner – its a fun way to catch up
  • its thinking time – its great to get out and think through things in a fresh way, a lot like Nilofer’s talk I highlighted in the last post but one.

Let me know how your doing. Not long till the 90 days are up!


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