Productivity at work- get social

What is this video about

Dr Emma Seppala  in a succinct and high impact video talks about the the benefits of social connection. Emma explains that after our basic needs have been met -such as food and shelter- connecting with others is our next biggest need. Its so important it is a major predictor of psychological and physical outcomes  such as recovery from disease and length of our life.

Why is this different

Given the data and research on what people value mosts, she challenges the idea that buying something, achieving something or getting recognition will drive our happiness levels. Social connection and the desire to be with others Emma tells us, is the truest source of fulfilment. Loneliness Emmas says is as worst  for us than obesity, smoking and diabetes.

How can this help

If happiness drives productivity at work and connection drives happiness- this link is helpful to understand. This video helps us think about the practical steps we can take to get happier in our day to day lives – connecting. Go on, make that call and arrange that lunch, it will pay dividends for your career in more ways than one I’m sure!

Enjoy getting social!


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