It’s all energy baby!

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Earlier this year, I saw Gabby Bernstein live at the 2016 London Lecture. It was an opportunity that popped up on my twitter feed last minute. It was amazing.  A three hour talk on the joys and challenges of #living your best life.

One of things that struck me was the theme energy.  It strated  when she walked into the room. No joke, the minute she got on stage the energy heightened  by ten notches.

As I listened to her talk, and the Q and A section, energy as a them kept coming up again and again. Particularly, when discussing issues related to change and transformation. That  got me thinking about how important my energy is, in fact, its all energy baby! Some things I am going to commit to doing:

  1. Project positive energy consistently
  2. Protect my energy from those that zap me
  3. Restore my energy and take care of it

How has managing your energy worked for you?



One thought on “It’s all energy baby!

  1. Nadia Otaegui says:

    I feel like I had to protect my energy from those that zap me first to get on the path, focally my ex partner, as my positive energy had dwindled so dramatically over the course of time that in order to re-establish my positive energy I had to take myself out of a toxic situation by breaking up with my ex to move forward to really make an exit stage left this is not my life kind of scenario and turn things around for myself. Now I’m excited at the prospect of really tuning into my positive energy and how that will manifest itself in my future dreams and aspirations, I’m also aware as have personally had some not so good days, that you do need to nurture your positive energy and take care of it and this is easier said than done. I think it’s about being consistent and not allowing that energy to fade only making it stronger, hopefully I will find out along the way, wish me luck.

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