Fear of failure? Live with courage instead, it’s more fun!

Happy summer and, I do hope you enjoyed the Olympics. What a celebration of human courage!

One of the things my clients often talk about is the fear of failure. This is common to lots of us.  I don’t think it  ever really goes away, no matter how successful you get.

So this week I’m posting an amazing video about the Iron Nun. She is phenomenal. She feels the fear and does it anyway. I love it.

After seeing this, the phrase ‘I’m too old’, is never going to cut it.

What does she inspire you to do on your ‘maybe’ list? How can you live a life of courage and fun?

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How to lead yourself first

This is a great video about dealing with resistance to change, from elite athlete coach Tod Herman.

Tod is a Sport Psychology consultant to Professional and Olympic athletes.

In this video, Tod and Marie explore growth, confidence and adventurer. Tod offers 5 clear steps to successful change:

1. Get clear on what you want to achieve
2. Set trigger goals that lead to you tacking action
3. Set micro goals where you can track improvement
4. Have a support team around you
5. Plan how you will deal with challenges ahead of time.
Know what to do when things are not going well!

Dr MAYA ANGELOU – living with heart and courage


What is this video about

I was saddened to hear of Maya Angelou’s passing. In this week’s post you will find an  interview with Time Magazine. The video gives some insight into her work and her life and, her infectious laugh.


Why is this different

Maya is different. Regardless of how you feel about her work, she is a person that is easy to admire. Her passion for her craft, her life and her individuality makes her stand out from the crowd.


How this can help

Maya lived a value based life.  While there is plenty of editorial about her hardships in her life. What I think is most memorable is that she lived her life on her own terms – with heart and courage. I think this is something we can all learn from. For more inspiration visit the New Yorker for her life in pictures.


Enjoy – and be inspired!