Make a change in our body to have a more positive outcome


What is it
In the last post Sheryl called us to action, to ‘lean in’. Well, I think that it can be quite tough to one day, to decide to well, ‘lean in’. So in todays talk  I highlight the work of Amy Cuddy a researcher at Harvard. Amy I think, provides some helpful tips for our leadership journey by showing us, how we can generate confidence in ourselves.

How is it different
Amy talks about how non verbal communication can influence how we think. The talks shows the evidence behind our ability to generate our own confidence, improve our thinking and increase our optimism. Amy tells us that if we make a subtle change in our body , we can have more positive behavioural outcomes. Amy also talks from experience. This isn’t a purely academic talk. So watch out for the heartfelt personal story of  ‘impostor syndrome’ at the end.

How it can help
Amy provides the top tip to exude confidence for those all important events such as job interviews. Amy shows us how to stand in a high power pose  (check out the video), which essentially is open body language (in contrast to folding yourself up and making yourself small).  When you hold this pose for two minutes you become more assertive, confident and comfortable as opposed to stress reactive. So don’t hunch over your notes before a job interview.

Enjoy and get posing!


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