Getting happy – # 60 Day 10,000 Step Challenge

What is this video about

In this weeks video were looking at the wide raging  benefits of walking.

How is this different 

This week, we are doing something a bit different. Over the last couple of posts we looked at the advandatages of being happy at work. This week were going to explore how we can boost are own wellbeing. But lets not just absorb a new pice of info, lets actually do it – join me on the #60 Day 10,000 Step Challenge. 

How can it help

If your not convinced, below are some of the health and social benefits of walking:

  • improves mood and wellbeing
  • reduces stress
  • reduces risk of diabetes and other long term conditions
  • It can also be social!
  • Its totally free
  • It can fit around your schedule

Let me know how you get on over the next 60 days – I will feedback how I get on too. For more info check out the benefits your self via the British National Health Service Guide.

Enjoy the fresh air!



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